Cavern Techniques

Geological Support for Deep Drilling
Geological Description and Analysis of Cores and Cuttings
Hydrogeological Analysis and
3D-Models of Caverns
Computerized Cavern Control and individual Software Deployment

Content of the left part of the picture:
Layout of big caverns (vertical section at the image border = 100 m) in salt dome with visualised boundary layers between stratigraphical units
Content of the right part of the picture:
The planned form and dimensions of brine production cavern in the expected sequence of the different salt units. The interpretation of the structure is based on bore hole information (cores and cuttings) as well as on the geophysical borehole measurement (curves on the right side)

Selected parameters of the production process were taken for analyses of the leaching process. An up to date situation can be generated combined with the data from other sources like sonar measurements.

Comparison between Sonar Measurements allows visualising the progress of caverns.

Decision can be made quickly by the combination of cavern data of the design, sonar measurements and production data.

Horizontal Cuttings of different Measurements are used to specify the leaching process of caverns.

Further Information:

New visualisation and planning tools for cavern leaching operation, by Walter Thiels